Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials

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Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials

Hydrate, Oxygenate and Rejuvenate skin with an oxygen facial!

Rejuvenate Infusion

The Rejuvenate Infusion facial consists of cool, soothing oxygen under light pressure that’s applied directly to skin. This is designed to promote absorption of the Rejuvenate Serum. Skin is subsequently deeply oxygenated and hydrated. It produces a radiant glow, a visible lift, and a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. The facial is ideal for any skin type, even highly-sensitive or darker skin types. Results are immediate and improve in the days following the procedure. The session takes 50 to 60 minutes.

Opulence Infusion

The Opulence Infusion facial provides skin with a healthy dose of highly-concentrated vitamin C, oxygen under light pressure, as well as natural plant extracts. It treats uneven tone and blotchy redness to reveal radiant, luminous skin that’s balanced, hydrated, healthy, and glowing. As with the Rejuvenate Infusion facial, results are immediate and continue to improve over the next few days. The session takes 50 to 60 minutes.

Repeated Applications

Skin improves more and more with repeated oxygen facials. We recommend six treatments over six weeks for best results. After the initial course, treatment is only required every four to six weeks to maintain a youthful, radiant appearance. Celebrities such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow have touted oxygen facials as one of their favorite skin care treatments, while others such as Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, and Nicole Kidman are also believed to undergo oxygen facials.

Try this non-invasive option and enjoy the beautiful results!

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We are usually able to schedule Oxygen Facials within one to two business days. Cosmetic procedures such as Botox/Dysport, Injectable Fillers, and Sclerotherapy can often be performed during the Oxygen Facial appointment. Laser treatments for hair removal, skin tightening, or resurfacing can be scheduled within one to two weeks of your call. Surgical procedures are usually scheduled within one to three weeks after the initial consultation. Call The Kopelson Clinic now to schedule an appointment (310) 271-17400.