Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our patients very, very seriously, and created a privacy policy that reflects this dedication. The following policy allows you to easily understand how we collect and use personal information.

When you access our website, we at The Kopelson Clinic will learn information about you via “cookies.” Cookies collects information concerning how our website is used in conjunction with the web server, such as the dates and times of your visits, which pages you looked at, how long you spent on the site, your IP address, and which sites you visited before and after you clicked here.

More on Cookies

Cookies are defined as small text documents that generally include anonymous, unique identification information. Visiting a website means the site’s computer requests permission to store information in your computer. Your hard drive contains a file that’s only for cookies. Every website you visit is capable of sending its cookies to your browser should your browser preferences make this possible. However, your browser permits another site to access cookies it previously sent to you, not any cookies sent to your file by other websites.


Email is the chosen method of communication for many of our patients. If you decide to enter into an email exchange with us, we may collect your messages and our responses in addition to your address. We utilize the same privacy policies for email as we do telephone, online, and mail correspondence.

IP Addresses

Your computer uses IP addresses every time you go online. An IP address is a number a computer uses for identification, with such addresses automatically collected by our web server. This “collecting” is part of “traffic data,” or demographic and profile data.

How Do We Use Your Information?

The personal information you provide us is used for customer service and business activity administration. It is also used for making assorted items and services available to both customers and potential customers. We only disclose personal information when legally obligated to do so. Information is never transferred to third parties at the time of collection without the express consent of the client.


Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to use our site or services. We ask that minors refrain from submitting information to us.

Information Protection and Secure Transfers

We prefer you do not send us private information via email, as it is not a secure form of communication. If you choose to send information this way, it is at your own risk. Some information you provide to our website might be transferred securely using the Secure Sockets Layer, a secure medium. Credit card information is not transmitted over email.

Policy Changes

It is our right to change this privacy policy at any interval without notice. We will not use your personal information without your consent no matter the changes that occur.


If you have any questions regarding this Policy or using our web site, please contact us.

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