Titan™ skin tightening is celebrated as one of the the most comprehensive, advanced, non-invasive anti-aging procedures currently available. It tightens skin while giving it a subtle lift that results in a naturally-youthful appearance.

This innovative procedure features very little pain, as it utilizes infrared light. The light heats the dermis, or the layer of skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissues, to cause collagen contraction. The procedure does not affect the epidermis thanks to a contact cooling effect. Results are usually immediate.

The Titan™ procedure is very effective on the face as well as the neck, thighs, upper arms, and abdomen. It has also proven useful on loose skin over cellulite, and helps tighten skin sagging from weight loss. Repeat procedures frequently result in long-term collagen stimulation and growth, as well as regeneration of tissues to create youthful, vibrant skin.

No downtime is required when undergoing this highly-effective treatment. As with many of the fantastic treatments available through The Kopelson Clinic, Titan™ skin tightening may be performed on your lunch hour and allows you to resume normal activities without missing a proverbial beat.

How long the treatment takes depends on the size of the treated area. Most sessions take 15 to 60 minutes. Side effects are mild and can include swelling and redness. These side effects disappear after one to a few days.

Refresh and revitalize skin with Titan™ treatments and reclaim your youthful glow!

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We are usually able to schedule consultations within one to two business days. Cosmetic procedures such as Botox/Dysport, Injectable Fillers, and Sclerotherapy can be performed during the appointment. Laser treatments for hair removal, skin tightening, or resurfacing can be scheduled within one to two weeks. Surgical procedures are usually scheduled within one to three weeks after the initial consultation.