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Laser Resurfacing

Beverly Hills Laser Scar Removal and Resurfacing Treatments are becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure because of the unbelievable results and minimal downtime. The Kopelson Clinic’s Pearl™ laser effectively smooths raised scar tissue and essentially buffs out the existing scar. While eliminating scars due to acne scarring or another incident, our laser scar removal Beverly Hills also works at diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and leaves skin smoother, tighter and brighter. Our Beverly Hills Laser Scar Removal is the newest and best way to renew the skin’s surface with quick results and less downtime than today’s other technologies. The Pearl™ laser resurfacing technique is gentler than older forms of laser treatments but is equally as effective as traditional skin resurfacing lasers.

Our Beverly Hills laser resurfacing treats advanced aging, sun damaged skin, uneven texture and uneven pigmentation. It also is effective at minimizing acne scars and other minor facial scars. Our Pearl Beverly Hills laser resurfacing treatment has shortened the length of recovery time down to a mere 4 days. This is remarkably brief in comparison to other more abrasive facial laser treatments in Beverly Hills.

Our Beverly Hills Laser Scar Removal and Resurfacing Treatment diminishes scarring as well as tightening the skin by depositing heat deep into the dermal layer of the skin. Two very beneficial outcomes from one treatment. 

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If you are looking to greatly diminish the signs of aging while improving the overall texture and tone of your skin, our Beverly Hills laser resurfacing treatments are exactly what you’ve been looking for. There is a reason why laser skin resurfacing techniques are growing in popularity. It’s because they work! Our laser resurfacing treatments are so gentle they can be used around the eye and lip area as well, but effective enough to treat large areas of the face. We can even take treat unsightly birthmarks and minor liver spots with our Beverly Hills laser resurfacing treatments.

As experienced cosmetic dermatologists, we are experts at knowing exactly how to target each area of the face for optimum results.

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Is Beverly Hills Laser Resurfacing right for you? 

Laser Skin Resurfacing has been around for a while in Beverly Hills. Thankfully, due to increased media awareness and advancements in the safety and effectiveness of the lasers themselves, skin laser resurfacing is becoming a staple in the non-invasive cosmetic procedures arena. Celebrities swear by it and now everyone is catching on. If you are someone that has signs of sun damage or are wanting to tighten and brighten your skin without the burdens of surgery, injections or lengthy down times, our Beverly Hills Laser Resurfacing treatments are an excellent choice for you.

What to Expect from our Laser Resurfacing in Beverly Hills?

At the Kopelson Dermatology Clinic in Beverly Hills, our facial resurfacing treatments are performed in a safe and professional medical atmosphere. You can choose to target smaller areas over the course of several treatments, or you can opt to treat the entire surface of the face in one sitting. It is up to you and your doctor. During the procedure it is required that patients wear protective eyewear. Some patients may experience mild discomfort during the treatment itself. We provide topical anesthetic for those with sensitive skin. It also should be noted that resurfacing can help in the reduction of acne scarring, but patients with active acne outbreaks are not good candidates for laser resurfacing.

Recovery and Results.

Laser Scar Removal Beverly Hills Immediately proceeding your Beverly Hills skin resurfacing treatment your doctor will apply a special non-stick dressing to moisturize and sanitize the treated area. Then the Kopelson Clinic will inform you of all post-surgical instructions to prevent the treated areas from scabbing. The healing time can be as little as 4 days, but depending on the intensity of your laser resurfacing or laser scar removal Beverly Hills, healing times may vary. For very deep wrinkles or scarring, it is likely the healing time will be longer.

Expect tenderness and redness proceeding your resurfacing session. The redness may be more noticeable for those with fairer skin or sensitive skin types, but will subside during the healing process. This is nothing to be alarmed about. Any wrinkles, fine lines and minor scars should be greatly minimized in appearance following your resurfacing procedure. Minor blemishes and growths will be removed during the process. The overall texture, tone and surface of your skin will be greatly improved. Having a very good sunscreen is essential to protecting your skin after resurfacing. Sunscreen is a daily essential to maintain youthful skin and hinder the suns damage on your face.

It is very important to maintain realistic expectations. While our laser resurfacing treatments are an excellent way to reveal a more youthful you, it won’t deliver the same results as a facelift or other surgical procedure. This treatment is for those to maintain smoother and tighter skin without the downtime of more invasive surgical procedures.

Beverly Hills Laser Scar Removal and Resurfacing can be combined with other treatments.

Our Resurfacing and Laser Scar Removal Beverly Hills can be combined with many other procedures to help patients look younger and achieve a smoother and tighter overall facial appearance. Injectable fillers and dermal fillers may be used to sculpt the face in order to enhance the results of your new skin tone. Chemical peels can be used safely with laser treatment as well, using one method to address one area of the face, and a different method for an alternate area. Ask the skin care professionals at the Kopelson Clinic what your desired outcome is, and we’ll work with you to find out the best treatment for your skin. 

Treat your wrinkles without the invasive surgery and lengthy recovery time! For more information about our Beverly Hills Laser Resurfacing Treatments and other anti-aging services, please contact The Kopelson Clinic today.