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Los Angeles Laser Hair RemovalDr. Kopelson is a widely respected cosmetic dermatologist that specializes in permanent Los Angeles laser hair removal. The Kopelson clinic has a full staff of Los Angeles dermatologists and skin care professionals that are here to provide the highest level of personalized clinical care to achieve your goals. The Kopelson Clinic is a full service, state-of-the-art dermatology and Los Angeles laser hair removal medical facility. We offer a myriad of advanced dermatological treatments and procedures to enhance your natural appearance and reveal a new you in a safe and welcoming medical setting.

Los Angeles Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular cosmetic services available today. If you struggle with removing unwanted hair, you are not alone.

The hair removal options that we have become accustomed to are time consuming and not permanent. Shaving, waxing and harsh chemicals are a thing of the past. At the Kopleson Clinic we are experts at providing our clients with the very best Los Angeles laser hair removal options and advanced lasers in the industry today.

Hair removal doesn’t have to be such a chore. We lead the charge in laser hair removal Los Angeles and make it a breeze for our clients to maintain a hairless face and body. Laser hair removal Los Angeles is celebrated as an outstanding method for removing unwanted hair and achieving permanent hair reduction. It is suitable for most areas of the body that have significant hair growth.

Each laser hair removal Los Angeles candidate is thoroughly examined by a seasoned practitioner at The Kopelson Clinic to determine if the procedure is the right course of treatment for permanent hair removal. Factors such as heritage, skin type, and side effects from previous treatments are taken into account to determine candidacy. If you are indeed a candidate for laser hair removal, know The Kopelson Clinic performs the safest, most effective laser hair removal treatments in the Los Angeles area. Only state-of-the-art lasers are utilized to perform the procedure and we will match you with the laser that best suits your skin type.

Los Angeles Laser Hair Removal Works On All Skin Types

When you choose The Kopelson Clinic for permanent hair removal in Los Angeles, you’ll be paired with the best laser for your skin type. Not all lasers work the same way, and some treatment programs are much more involved than others. It’s also important to note that some skin types react badly to certain lasers. We at The Kopelson Clinic will ensure the laser used is the best one for you, and emphasize that we have lasers usable on all skin types and colors.

How Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles Works

Los Angeles Laser Hair RemovalThe hair removal laser works by producing light absorbed by the hair follicle’s pigment. This subsequently creates heat, which damages if not destroys the follicle. A concentrated beam of light given off by our professional hair removal lasers are aimed at each hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the pigment of the patient’s skin, which damages the follicle enough to retard future growth. It is advised you refrain from tanning of any kind prior to your Los Angeles hair removal session, as it discourages the lasers from targeting the pigment of the hair follicle. Our lasers can remove hair for anywhere on the body from several months to a year. The results differ widely from person to person, but our laser hair removal experts at the Kopleson Clinic will advise you on what to expect. Depending on a person’s pain tolerance, lasers can feel like a gentle pinch or the snap of a hot rubber band. Four to eight treatments are required to achieve the beautiful results you want.

Hair Removal Recovery Time

There is no recovery time associated with our Los Angeles Laser Hair Removal treatments, so you can return to your normal activities immediately. You skin may be slightly tender, so use common sense and your own discretion as your guide. Some clients note that it may take up to two weeks or more for hairs to completely leave the follicle. There have been occasions that small red bumps have been reported but that isn’t the case with every client. This is the body’s normal way of ridding hair out of the skin. Symptoms such as these are easy to treat and correct. You may want to scrub over these with a warm washcloth to help the hair escape from the skin.

The Best Laser Hair Removal & Dermatology Clinic Los Angeles

The Kopelson Clinic not only specializes in Los Angeles dermatology services but also offer a wide variety of treatments to tighten and brighten dull, scarred or aging skin. Having unsightly scarring, sagging facial folds, or just dull an lifeless skin, can be detrimental to your social life and overall attitude. There is no reason you have to live in the shadows any longer. We offer a myriad of advanced Los Angeles dermatology treatments and procedures to enhance your natural appearance and reveal a newer and more youthful you. Whether you are suffering from scarring due to acne, fine lines and wrinkles, or even age spots, the Kopelson Clinic is here to help you overcome such obstacles. Our cutting edge Los Angeles dermatology methods are regarded as some of the very best in Southern California.

Contact the Kopelson Clinic about Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles 310.271.7400

Peter L. Kopelson, MD and Sheri G. Feldman, MD are board certified cosmetic dermatologists Los Angeles that specialize in skin rejuvenation through cosmetic laser surgery and break-through clinical cosmetic treatments. Peter L Kopelson MD, and Sheri G Feldman, MD have been practicing dermatology in Los Angeles since 1993 and 1991 respectively.

Dr. Peter L. Kopelson, MD

Los Angeles DermatologistWhile most medical specialists begin their specialty training after medical school and internship, Dr. Peter Kopelson began his dermatologic training early on while in medical school. By working closely with a world renowned dermatologist and researcher at New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Kopelson aided in cutting-edge investigation, wrote journal articles, and participated in the international dermatological community starting very early in his career. He was therefore well prepared for his specialty training at University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine. The Kopelson Clinic is proud to function as the community’s premiere dermatologist Los Angeles and cosmetic laser treatment center.

Los Angeles residents have nothing but glowing things to say about our Los Angeles dermatology clinic and highly recommend the Kopelson Clinic’s services. Call (310)-271-7400 today for more information.

For more information about available services, please contact the best cosmetic dermatologist Los Angeles, The Kopelson Clinic, today.


Literally one of the most wonderful experiences

Literally one of the most wonderful experiences!  I believe that Dr. Kopelson is hands down the best in Los Angeles for your skin maintenance needs:) A great staff, very accommodating, informative and had my best interests at heart. This type of experience is sometimes hard to come by, that’s why I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!


I have been a patient for years

I have been a patient for years.  Love Dr. Kopelson.  He’s down to earth, funny and  knows how to keep you looking natural while warding off the signs of aging.  I have received so many compliments on the way my skin looks and people guess that I am at least 10 years younger than my actual age — I’m a lifer!!


Dr. Kopelson is an outstanding cosmetic dermatologist

Dr. Kopelson is an outstanding cosmetic dermatologist. If you want friends and family to tell you that you haven’t changed a bit and look fantastic (and you haven’t seen them for several years!), you have come to the right doctor. Plus he is also an excellent dermatologist and diagnostician.


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