Special Offer Discount Code

Congratulations – You’ve claimed your $200 Discount code successfully! Drs. Kopelson & Feldman and the experienced nurses and staff at the Kopelson Clinic are among the very best in the country and we know you will be thrilled with your results. As a first time patient, you’ll begin your path towards rejuvenation and achieving the healthy, youthful appearance you desire.

Here is your $200 Off Discount Code:

Discount Code: LOVE

How to Claim Your Discount

Claiming your discount is simple. Just mention “LOVE” when you call our office to make your appointment. If you use our online appointment request form, enter “LOVE” in the “Promotional Code” field. Or, if you prefer to send an email directly to one of our staff, mention “LOVE” somewhere in your email.

Remind Me How Can My $200 Be Used?

You can apply your $200 Discount toward any of our most popular procedures: Botox/Dysport, Injectable Fillers, and laser treatments including Laser Hair Removal, Laser Resurfacing, and Photodynamic Rejuvenation. New patient special offer not applicable for laser packages under $500.

Drs. Kopelson & Feldman, and the entire staff at the Kopelson Clinic look forward to meeting you!

– Kopelson Clinic