Achieve A Balanced Face With Fillers

renewWhen we think of injectable fillers, we think about the areas in the center of our faces and smile lines. However, they aren’t the only areas that could benefit from fillers that replace lost volume.

Today people are becoming well volumized by sculpting the lateral aspects of the face such as the temples, the lateral cheeks and the jawline. When done right by a Beverly Hills dermatologist, it makes a more natural looking patient.

With lateral volumization the face is brought back to its natural form, rounder, softer and is very hard for the naked eye to detect that something has been done. Patients describe excellent results when Restylane injections are used to correct lines, wrinkles and folds around the mouth, to augment lips and to contour or sculpt the face. Dark circles, bagginess, and sunken areas below the eyes respond remarkably well to Restylane.

The Kopelson Clinic offers a myriad of injectable fillers that have short-term and long-lasting results, and can be injected into various areas of the face to restore volume. Fillers are good for those who want immediate correction that’s noninvasive.
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