Kybella vs Neck Lift : An End To The Double Chin


Until recently the only solution for eradicating fat under your chin was a traditional neck lift. Those days are over. Now patients that have been dealing with that pesky flab in the neck area have a non-evasive solution. Beverly Hills Kybella Injections are quickly becoming a very popular remedy for tightening up the that sagging skin or chubbiness under the chin.

Beverly Hills Kybella treatments are the first and ONLY injectable that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to assist in correcting submental fat. Submental fullness, otherwise known as double chin, is a condition relating to the excess of subcutaneous fat in the area under the chin. It can be caused by weight gain, genetics or advanced aging. Beverly Hills Kybella Injections are the saving grace for those that would prefer to not go under the knife.

What is in Beverly Hills Kybella Injections?

Deoxycholic acid is the active ingredient in Kybella, but don’t let the name scare you. Deoxycholic is a naturally occurring molecule that exists in the body that aids in breaking down the absorption of dietary fat cells. Kybella begins to destroy fat cells once injected beneath the fatty area of the chin. Once destroyed the cells can no longer accumulate or store fat. The outcome is a shockingly noticeable reduction in the fullness in the chin are, revealing a more pronounced and contoured chin profile in patients.

So now that you’ve heard what Beverly Hills Kybella is and the results it is capable of producing, let’s compare it to a traditional neck lift to weigh the pros and cons.

Kybella vs Neck Lift : The Procedure

The most obvious difference between Kybella injections and traditional neck lifts is that the latter is a surgical procedure with significant down time to heal. Kybella is an injectable and is administered by the professionals at the Kopelson Clinic in Beverly Hills California.

beverly hills kybellaFor best results Dr. Kopelson recommends 2-3 Kybella injection treatments with a month gap in between treatments. During this non-surgical procedure your doctor will inject deoxycholic acid into the fat under your chin. Upon injection Kybella begins to dissolve the fat. Since it is naturally occurring in your body already, there should be minimal to no side effects. The procedure is rather quick, with most sessions lasting on 20-30 minutes.

A Beverly Hills Neck Lift is a bit more involved. Remember, this is a surgical procedure requiring anesthesia and considerable healing time. A neck lift is more of a corrective surgery, improving the fat under the chin by correcting the muscles in the neck and chin area. There are incisions, fat redistribution and the removal of excess skin and fat as well. The entire procedure takes about 4-5 hours with considerable downtime afterwards.

The Recovery : Kybella versus Neck Lift

As previously stated, a traditional neck life is a surgical procedure that has longer recovery times and may cause considerable pain during the healing process. The average downtime for a patient of neck lift surgery is about two weeks. With Kybella the only noticeable change after treatment is some swelling and tenderness under your chin that could last for a couple of days. Most patients that receive Kybella injections will be able to return to their normal routines immediately.

The Results

There is a reason why so many have chosen to go with Kybella as soon as it was approved by the FDA – The results are astonishing and in some cases can change the complete profile of the neck line. The substance continually destroys fat cells over time and patients can realize results and the disappearance of their double chin in about 4-6 weeks. It truly is an astonishing injectable that is both simple and innovative. Patients will see a more pronounced jawline and contoured facial structure as a result of Dr. Kopelson’s Kybella injections in Beverly Hills.

If the fatty tissue under your chin is mentally weighing you down and making you feel insecure, then Kybella may be your answer. No need for surgery, Kybella is convenient due its non-existent healing time. Contact The Kopelson Clinic in Beverly Hills California today for more information regarding Kybella Injectables.

Dr. Peter L. Kopelson, MD
While most medical specialists begin their specialty training after medical school and internship, Dr. Peter Kopelson began his dermatologic training early on while in medical school. By working closely with a world renowned dermatologist and researcher at New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Kopelson aided in cutting-edge investigation, wrote journal articles, and participated in the international dermatological community starting very early in his career. He was therefore well prepared for his specialty training at University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine.

peter-kopelson-dermatologist-in-beverly-hills-kopelson-clinicThe Kopelson Clinic is proud to function as the community’s premiere Beverly Hills dermatology and cosmetic treatment center. Peter L. Kopelson, MD and Sheri G. Feldman, MD are board certified Los Angeles dermatologists specializing in skin rejuvenation through cosmetic laser surgery and break-through clinical cosmetic treatments like Kybella injections. Peter L Kopelson, MD and Sheri G Feldman, MD have been practicing dermatology in Los Angeles since 1993 and 1991 respectively.

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