What You Must Tell Your Botox Specialist

The decision to get Botox isn’t something to take lightly. While the non-invasive anti-aging treatment is renowned for wonderful results, it’s still important to take the right steps and subsequently avoid a slew of unpleasant complications, such as toxin migration or severe side effects. Working with the right specialist is key in ensuring the best possible results and little to no side effects. The Beverly Hills dermatologists at The Kopelson Clinic are prime examples of dermatologists you want to work with, as they have the experience and skill to provide patients with the results they crave.

Working with the best skin specialists is only half of the Botox equation, however. The other half is being upfront with your dermatologist about your health so the professional can make certain you’re a candidate. Review what you absolutely must disclose to your specialist before undergoing Botox injections:


Tell your Beverly Hills botox specialist about every single medication you take, if applicable. This includes prescription and nonprescription medications, herbal supplements, and vitamins. Some medications interact negatively with Botox, so it’s important to discuss everything you take and why.

Medical Conditions

Discuss any medical conditions you have, such as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, swallowing or breathing problems, Lambert-Eaton syndrome, and myasthenia gravis. Botox affects the nerves and also may cause breathing issues, so it’s very, very necessary to tell your specialist about your medical conditions.

Botox Allergies

Let your dermatologist know if you’ve had Botox injections within the last four months and if you experienced any allergies or severe side effects. Allergic reactions and serious side effects do not make you a candidate for continued Botox use.


Alert your skin specialist to your pregnancy or the fact that you’re nursing. While Botox is not considered especially harmful to pregnant and nursing mothers at this time, health experts still do not recommend getting injections when in either state. It’s simply an unnecessary risk.

Facial Surgery

Inform your dermatologist if you have had facial surgery recently or plan to do so. It’s also essential to let the professional know if you have drooping eyelids or weak forehead muscles.

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