Acne in Men: Causes and Solutions

Male skin becomes twice as thick as female skin following puberty, with men also producing twice as much sebum, or skin oil. According to, men are therefore subject to more severe cases of acne, a common skin condition that occurs when hair follicles clog with oil and become infected.

The dreaded problem often lasts well after high school, and while some of the reasons for acne in men are the same as their female counterparts, such as diet, not enough Omega 3’s, stress, and too much sun, there’s numerous other acne causes that are specific to men.

Let’s review these causes as well as a few solutions, including acne scar treatment by your favorite Beverly Hills skin specialists:


Shaving easily contributes to skin problems if the wrong razor or products are used. Rather than continually irritating skin and causing flare-ups, research razor and product options, and discuss the best shaving routine for you with your Beverly Hills dermatologists if needed.

Anabolic steroids

Taking anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass often makes acne flare up, and more difficult to treat. The steroids may also result in fast-onset, very severe acne that’s challenging to get rid of.


Bodybuilding requires consuming more calories, which results in the increase of androgen, a male hormone. Acne flare-ups are subsequently common.

Treatment Options

Using the right products and enjoying a healthy diet that’s not too bogged down by dairy are two cornerstones of clear skin, however if additional treatment is needed, consider acne laser treatment through The Kopelson Clinic. The premier skin clinic provides comprehensive laser treatment options that effectively kill acne bacteria, as well as other helpful options, such as IPL photofacial treatment and photodynamic therapy.

Acne scar treatment is also available through the Beverly Hills clinic, as well as other treatments that reduce the appearance of acne scars, such as microdermabrasion and assorted dermal fillers ClearlyDerm.

Discuss your acne issues with the talented team at The Kopelson Clinic today and achieve the clear skin you’ve always wanted!

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