Anti-Aging Hair Tips For Men

Thinning hair is a common problem among men, and generally considered one of the male species’ most obvious signs of aging. If you’re looking to do everything you can to maintain a lush head of hair, check out the following tips from your favorite Beverly Hills skin clinic:

Be Gentle With Wet Hair

Be very, very careful when dealing with wet hair. This is a universal hair care tip, as strands’ keratin protein is prone to stretching when wet. Take extra care when washing hair, applying product, or otherwise tormenting it with heat tools such as blow dryers.

Use Matte Styling Paste

Help thinning hair by switching to a matte styling clay or paste. Matte products make hair look thicker due to how they absorb light.

Skip The Greasy Products

Avoid greasy hair products whenever possible, as gels and similar products often contain polymers, aka plastics soaked in alcohol. Polymers damage keratins, leaving hair brittle and weak. If you must use gels, ensure they’re alcohol-free, and skip pomades and waxes as well. These products contain heavier ingredients such as petroleum, and require more vigorous washings, which also damage hair.

Never Rub Hair Dry

Pat hair dry rather than rubbing it. Men frequently use aggressive rubbing techniques in attempts to dry their hair quicker, but because strands are wet, it’s easy to inflict damage. Pat hair and let it air-dry as much as possible before hitting it with a heat tool.

Use The Right Shampoo

Make certain you’re using the right shampoo for your hair type. Using the wrong shampoo does more damage than you might think, for example why would you use a clarifying shampoo that treats oily hair if you have dry hair? Such shampoos contain degreasers and other products that dry out hair. Additionally, if you have coarse or dry hair, refrain from washing it too much, as this will also make it exceptionally dry.


Don’t let stress overwhelm your life, as too much tightens your scalp…and causes hair to thin.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy fuller hair!

For more tips from your Beverly Hills skin clinic, in addition to the discussion of prescription hair loss products, please contact The Kopelson Clinic today.