Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips For Spring

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips For Spring

Spring is a beautiful time of rebirth and renewal, a time when we cast off the heavy lipsticks and dramatic hairstyles of winter in favor of minimal makeup and lightened tresses. And while the weather may be warmer and skin subsequently not as dry, it’s still essential to take superior care of ourselves from the inside out. Get ready for a beautiful season with the following anti-aging skin care tips tailor-made for spring courtesy of your favorite West Hollywood dermatologists:


Remember the Sunscreen

While it’s very important to wear sunscreen when outdoors no matter the time of year, it’s especially true of warm weather. You’ll likely be spending more time in the great wide open, and rather than allowing UVB and UVA rays to do bad things to flesh, look for a broad-spectrum sunblock that keeps both types off the face. Those that are formulated with antioxidants give the skin an extra anti-aging boost.



Perhaps you started drinking a lot of coffee this winter to keep you up on dark, stormy nights. If you’ve gotten away from drinking as much water as you should, spring is the perfect time to start hydrating again. Drink plenty of water and go for detoxifying smoothie blends full of organic juices and lots of greens. Anything green is going to help you look and feel young!


Stop Smoking and Drinking

Did you get into the habit of drinking more this winter because there was little else to do? Spring is a fantastic time to seriously curb alcohol consumption as well as a smoking habit, if applicable. Both tear the body down and age you in addition to making you feel terrible the morning after.

Revitalize skin, quit nasty habits, and get ready for a fun season!


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