Are Your Features Aging You?

thr article pic 1Our facial features lose shape and become less defined because of fat changes. Fat is vital for our face’s fullness, however over time it starts to descend in some areas and shift position.

How do we contend with this ever changing thing?  You can add fat back with the use cosmetic dermatology treatments. Most of these treatments do not require downtime and are virtually pain free.  Deciding which treatments are the best for you, consult with a Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist.

Check out this article to learn about some of the latest treatments: 5 Ways Your Features Are Aging You.

Several injectable fillers are available to restore fullness to the face and lips and to treat wrinkles, folds and scars. They are a safe way to renew youthfulness and vitality.  Anti aging dermatology consists of cosmetic fillers that vary in form and function, some lasting longer than others.

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