As Your Skin Ages, How Does It Heal, Conceal And Reveal?

Anti-AgingThere are two processes that age the skin, ultraviolet light damage and natural breakdown over time. This is simply what happens to our skin over time without any external causes.  Obviously, this happens to everyone’s skin, whether sun-exposed or not.  What are some of the things that add to our aging skin, take a look:

  • The Sun Ages You Faster Than the Years – Damage done to the skin by the sun and other sources of ultraviolet light is known as photo aging.  Wrinkles, dehydration and abnormal skin cells result from sun exposure more so rather than the skin breaking down over time.  Susceptibility varies with the ability of our skin to produce pigment, which will protect against ultraviolet light.
  • Hormones – For women, estrogen plays a significant role in the firmness, flexibility, moisture,  color and texture of the skin.  When estrogen levels decline, the dermis loses collagen and elastin.  This deficiency speeds up your skin’s aging, the skin becomes drier and less flexible.
  • Skin Heals More Slowly as You Age – When you severely injure your skin, the wound disrupts the skin’s integrity.  Most of the time, the skin spontaneously closes over the wound in a few days, protecting the structures underneath by restoring continuity.  Poor circulation and skin nutrition make the problem even worse.  Ultimately, wounds transform into mostly collagen fibers, or scar tissue.  Fiber bundles enlarge and produce a dense collagen structure, the scar.  All scars slowly change in bulk and form over the years.  Aging skin repairs itself more slowly than younger skin, taking wounds up to four times longer to heal.

The Kopelson Clinic offers several injectable fillers that restore fullness to the face and lips and to treat wrinkles, folds and scars.  They are a safe way to renew youthfulness and vitality.  Anti aging dermatology consists of cosmetic fillers that vary in form and function, some lasting longer than others.

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