Bad Breath: It Ain’t Pretty

In my opinion, there are only four reasons for having bad breath:

  • You just woke up
  • You’re sick/dying
  • You’re homeless
  • You just survived a major catastrophe.

That’s it, and God forbid the last three don’t happen.

It is truly one of my biggest pet peeves, and an estimated 65 million Americans have bad breath on a regular basis.

That’s a big pet peeve.

If you have it, all the care you take with your diet, exercise, make-up, and style won’t matter—one exhalation will ruin it all.

Besides chewing sugarless gum, regular brushing/flossing, and staying hydrated, some food and drink may help fight bad breath. According to New Beauty, they are:

Green Tea:
Green tea is rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant that protects cells from harm, including bacteria invasion.

Citrus Fruits:
Vitamin C attacks bacteria in the mouth just like how it defends the body against the common cold.

Cinnamon Sticks:
Cinnamon has antioxidant and antiseptic benefits, preventing germs in the mouth from wreaking havoc on your breath.

Spinach and Parsley:
Both contain chlorophyll, which has antibacterial properties that kill germs to freshen breath.