Beautiful Results With Laser Hair Removal

Female legs against a pastel background with blurred lightsLaser hair removal is an excellent treatment for permanently reducing unwanted hair from most areas of the body.

At the Kopelson Clinic, each laser hair removal patient is evaluated by a practitioner with extensive experience. Of utmost importance, is your skin type, heritage, and any untoward effects you have had from previous treatments. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for hair removal, the Kopelson Clinic can perform the treatments safely and effectively.

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Our laser treatments are performed by a registered nurse who has over 7 years’ experience working with lasers. Our lasers are performed in a medical office under direction of board certified dermatologists, not a medispa or laser center. The lasers which Dr. Kopelson has carefully selected to carry in our office are the most effective & yield the best results.

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