Blue Eyeshadow…?

Blue eyeshadow sums up my childhood.

Call me nostalgic, but I love it!

However, there are stipulations to make this color work in a modern sense.

First, not all blues work on all people. When people mention blue eyeshadow, it tends to be a misnomer—that holds true for my above mentioning. That’s because shades ranging from icy-almost-gray to deep-matte-midnight-blue exist. People put down blue eyeshadow as something bad, but they don’t realize they are putting down a rainbow of blues. They just remember seeing one overwhelming blue eyeshadow from a bad “BJ and the Bear” episode.

(Really, is there any other kind of “BJ and the Bear” episode? Come on…don’t tell me I’m the only one old enough to remember that show!)

Anyway, somewhere amid all these blues there’s a color for everyone, including you.

If blue eyeshadow seems like too much of an overall eyelid color, then use it as a highlight by lining the lids with a blue or mixing it. You can also use it in the corners of your eyes to create a deep smokey effect.