Botox For the Face

When researching non-surgical facelift options, Botox in Beverly Hills continually crops up as one of the most popular and effective possibilities. It takes very little time to administer, with results noticeable a mere few days following the procedure.

Your favorite Beverly Hills dermatologist provides the high-quality Botox injections you want to ensure a smooth, line-free, youthful face. Let’s take a look at where Botox is used on the face to create an ageless appearance:

Vertical Lines Between the Brows

Years of “furrowing” the brows when upset or confused results in vertical lines appearing between them. Botox is used to smooth these lines.

Horizontal Lines on the Forehead

Horizontal lines begin appearing on the forehead during the mid to late ‘20s, and only get deeper with time. Botox is injected into the forehead to correct the issue and create a smooth look.

Crow’s Feet

The horizontal lines that appear along the outer corners of the eyes are widely known as “crow’s feet.” They occur from a lifetime of squinting, and are often very noticeable when smiling. Botox eliminates crow’s feet lines.

Upper Lip Lines

Years of smoking cigarettes results in “smoker’s lines,” or vertical lines directly above the upper lip. Botox may be used to smooth these lines as well as to correct droopy corners of the mouth.

Additional Uses

Botox is also used as a non-surgical brow lift, and to smooth horizontal bands on the neck. The injectable toxin is utilized in the treatment of migraines and excessive sweating as well.

Botox Injections at The Kopelson Clinic

The talented dermatologists of Beverly Hills at The Kopelson Clinic provide Botox injections that are never watered-down or otherwise diluted. Many day spas water down their Botox so they can offer it “for cheap,” however diluted versions run serious risks in regards to side effects. Additionally, such versions do not work nearly as well. Drs. Kopelson and Feldman have much experience administering Botox, and provide patients with only the highest-quality injectables available.

For more on Botox for the face or to learn about other services available through these outstanding Beverly Hills dermatologists, contact The Kopelson Clinic today.