Can Botox Fight Cancer?

Does Botox have cancer-fighting abilities? According to a 2014 study published by Science Translational Medicine, the injectable toxin may help treat stomach cancer. The West Hollywood dermatologists at The Kopelson Clinic are always interested in learning about new and innovative discoveries regarding Botox, and while more research on the cancer link is required, it’s still an exciting possibility.

Nerves & Stomach Cancer

According to the 2014 study, nerves help stomach cancer grow. Experiments on mice found using Botox to destroy nerves can potentially stop cancerous stomach tumors and make them more susceptible to chemotherapy treatment.

The Vagus Nerve

Scientists at the Columbia University Medical Centre in New York and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim studied the role of the vagus nerve in regards to stomach cancer. The nerve runs from the brain all the way to the digestive system. Cutting the nerve or injecting it with Botox helped make tumors more receptive to chemotherapy.

“At least in early phase, if you [disrupt the nerve] the tumour becomes much more responsive to chemotherapy, so we don’t see this as a single cure, but making current and future treatments more effective,” remarked Dr. Timothy Wang, one of the scientists who conducted the study.

Nerves & Prostate Cancer

Evidence suggesting nerves play a role in prostate cancer is also being investigated, with Botox possibly playing a future role in treatment for such cancer. However, there’s still much to research before Botox or any other nerve-related treatment will be celebrated as a cancer cure.

“This interesting study adds to that evidence, and shows how probing the inner workings of cancer can spark ideas for innovative new treatments,” said Eleanor Barrie, senior science communications manager at Cancer Research UK. “But the research is at an early stage and it’s not yet clear if this particular approach could help to save patients’ lives.”

Botox is a cosmetic treatment with numerous medical applications, and one of many anti-aging treatments available through your West Hollywood dermatologists. Their experience administering Botox dates back over 10 years, and the toxin is never watered down the way it so often is at day spas.

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