Celebrities Who LOVE Botox

Many celebrities are huge fans of Botox, the injectable toxin that’s helped maintain youthful appearances for almost two decades. Your Beverly Hills Botox clinic offers the high-quality injections you won’t see at day spas, and are always ready to discuss the procedure with potential patients.

Check out some of the many celebrities who swear by the injectable before contacting the Beverly Hills skin specialists about your Botox candidacy:

Jenny McCarthy

The Donnie Loves Jenny and Sirius Satellite Radio star gets small amounts of Botox injected into her forehead every two months to keep wrinkles from becoming too serious.

Kelly Ripa

Ripa adores Botox, and credits it as an excellent source for youthful beauty. The Live! With Kelly & Michael star uses the injectable around her eyes and on her forehead to maintain a fresh, vibrant appearance.

Courtney Cox

The television icon gets Botox injected around her eyes to prevent severe Crow’s feet lines from forming.

Vanessa Williams

Williams uses Botox to keep her features relaxed and her face unwrinkled. As with McCarthy, the actress and singer says she gets small amounts of the stuff injected at a time.

Linda Evangelista

The famous supermodel uses Botox among other things to maintain her ethereal beauty.

David Hasselhoff

Hasselhoff was one of the first celebrity men to say he used Botox, a procedure that had previously been female-dominated. The Baywatch star noted many men in the entertainment industry use it, and that he relies on it to reduce the wrinkles around his mouth and keep his smile camera-ready.

Victoria Beckham

Former Spice girl Victoria Beckham gets Botox injections regularly to maintain a fresh, youthful appearance.


The Black-Eyed Peas singer is another Botox fan. She noticed her skin wasn’t looking as good as it should due to sun damage, and turned to the injectable to smooth lined flesh.

Virginia Madsen

Madsen is a well-known lover of Botox, and encourages those interested in the procedure to do their research. The actress has said Botox parties and day spas offering discounts have given people the wrong impression about the injectable.

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