Choosing the Right Doctor


There has been a recent influx of noncertified doctors performing aesthetic procedures. Changes in insurance reimbursement, the way doctors make money has changed. More non-core doctors started performing cosmetic procedures and essentially, nothing is considered off limits.

Be careful when looking into a doctor, there are many unqualified doctors (even ones who have a medical license) who say they are board-certified and pass themselves off as cosmetic dermatologists.

So what are you to do? Do your homework first and foremost. Verify that your doctor is board-certified, in good standing and qualified to perform the procedures that he or she claims they can do. It’s better to see a board-certified dermatologist because they are well-versed in the treatment and should something go wrong, they have a better understanding of how to treat it.

Follow these steps to make sure your doctor is properly certified:

    • Make sure the person you are going to see is a board-certified doctor.
    • Check your state’s medical board. This will provide information on your doctor’s license and any complaints against him.
    • Review the doctor’s training, credentials and how much experience he has. Check to see if they are affiliated with the main dermatology societies.

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