Cravings Crushed by Exercise

Fabulous New Beauty Social Media Associate Anna K. Fryxell says that exercise crushes food cravings.

Therefore, I am going to run five miles as soon as I finish these chips!

Seriously, when I workout regularly, I do eat much better.

If you are looking to lose weight and are not suffering from any major health problems, don’t worry about eating healthy at first. Start an exercise program first and cut your portions in half along with that. Eventually, you will notice that your desire to eat fattening foods lessens. (This is not scientific evidence, it’s just me relaying my first-hand experience and what I’ve heard all my life.)

But my advice only works for beauty-related weight-loss concerns. So if you are suffering from diet-related poor health, you need to work on your diet with a doctor’s care. Pay attention to what he or she says and don’t waste time when you need to make those important dietary changes.

Also, if you have been working out for a while without losing weight, look at how many calories you are still consuming. Remember, weight loss only occurs with a reduction in calories.