Eat and Burn Fat at the Same Time!

There are foods that allow you to eat and burn fat at the same time.

Now, that you’ve stopped cheering from sheer joy…

According to Lakeway Smiles, a cosmetic dentistry practice right outside of Austin, this is a good time to focus on eating healthy because summer clothes offer a lot of incentive for sticking to a healthy eating plan.

So eat and burn rather than going without food. Besides, starving actually causes one to retain weight and look aged plus greatly harms the body. Starving is a horrible, unhealthy thing to do. Instead, add the following suggestions from Lakeway Smiles:

  • “Whole Grains such as oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread which makes your body burn twice as many calories to break them down.
  • Lean Meats such as grilled chicken breast and lean turkey meat require more calories for your digestive system to break down. They are also excellent sources of protein.
  • Low –fat dairy products such a greek yogurt are rich in calcium and vitamin D which help preserve and build up muscle mass.
  • Green tea temporarily speeds up your metabolism after sipping it.
  • Lentils maintain your metabolism. Not getting enough of them slows it down.”