Eliminating Body Breakouts

Everyone gets it now and then, and boy can it be annoying and even embarrassing. I’m talking about body acne, and it’s a problem that affects not only teenagers but adults of all ages as well.

Fortunately, there are some great ways to deal with body acne, many of which you can try at home. Breakouts resembling acne can be caused by everything from sweat to friction to heat. You can even get breakouts from reactions to skincare products.

Start by eliminating any cosmetic products or tight clothing that could be causing the problem. You can then try a luffa sponge or other exfoliating mitts or gloves for manual exfoliation. If that doesn’t work, you can try out products that both clean and exfoliate the skin, including glycolic acid or enzyme-based washes and gels.

With a little trial and error, there is a good chance you can conquer body breakouts once and for all. Just make sure to keep up your routine, or the breakouts can return.

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How to get rid of body acne