The Hollywood Reporter – Erasing Age, One (New) Step At A Time

Everyone waHollywood Reporternts to erase the signs of aging and regain their youthful glow.  In today’s society, we also want to do it quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Several injectable fillers are available to restore fullness to the face and lips and to treat wrinkles, folds and scars. They are a safe way to renew youthfulness and vitality.  Anti aging dermatology consists of cosmetic fillers that vary in form and function, some lasting longer than others.

Click here to read the article in The Hollywood Reporter Magazine: “Erasing Age, One (New) Step At A Time”, featuring Dr. Peter Kopelson.

As Sculptra is in a class of its own, its manner of injection is highly specialized. Consequently, one will not find this procedure offered at most dermatologists’ or plastic surgeons’ offices. Dr. Kopelson has had the specific training necessary for Sculptra implantation and, as importantly, he has been performing the procedure for many years. His extensive experience with Scuptra patients has led to new techniques and practically seamless results.

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