Fitness Blender on YouTube

If you are looking for a new workout series, try Fitness Blender on YouTube.

We do not have any relationship with Fitness Blender, other than having done their workout videos. However, they deserve this recommendation because they offer completely full-length, free videos without any subscription. Their videos are updated on a regular basis with older videos always available. They offer everything from low impact to extreme core workouts to yoga.

The workouts are led by someone on video along with a separate voiceover. There is no music, which allows you to clearly hear instructions then add your own music once comfortable with the routine. Fitness Blender also offers recipes.

They do offer an 8 week fat loss program in addition to the videos, but there is no need to sign up for that if you just want to workout with the free videos.

So if you need to get in shape but feel unmotivated by a lack of money or going out in public, simply Youtube Fitness Blender.