Getting Back that Pre-Baby Body

Many women feel so dismayed about their looks after giving birth. Everything’s changed, with the more stretch marks, excess weight, exhaustion.

Then, when they look online or in magazines, they see celebrities who got their pre-baby bodies back in the amount of time it took to make the baby.

What the…

Well, first of all, take it easy on yourself. These women have a lot of money, time, and professional help that allows them to get back those bodies, super fast. Nannies, trainers, chefs, and PLASTIC SURGEONS; access to the best money can buy.

Also, their careers depend on being shape. If they gain weight for a certain role, they might get an Oscar but beyond that, they are scrutinized on a daily basis for how they look.

But you are not in that position. Be thankful you have time to relax about how you look during this wonderful period in your life. The weight will come off if you follow a reasonable and healthy eating plan, combined with exercise.

Don’t do anything rash. Don’t fast; don’t strain yourself with working out. Be kind to yourself. Speak to your doctor about a weight strategy, and enjoy being a beautiful mom with a beautiful baby.