Getting Rid of the Red

I love all shades of red hair, but let’s face it: whether natural or chemically enhanced, people sometimes like to switch up hair colors.

This week, I did that very thing by switching from what could only be described as Run Lola Run red to blond. It’s not an easy process and that’s exactly why you should see a stylist: it’s a PROCESS.

Therefore, being a true blond won’t happen overnight. Yes, you’ll be blond, but more than likely not a light one. Right now, I’m a slightly strawberry/golden blonde. I prefer a more whitish blond because of my coloring, but if I had insisted my stylist do that, I’d be bald from all the bleaching. Also, the step-by-step of this process is just so detailed that you need that extra set of eyes to see your whole head and keep a look out for varying blocks of color and more.

And before you go red, keep in mind that though red fades fast it is really awfully hard to get it out of the hair completely in one color session. Red lingers.

Bur no matter what color you decide on, I just feel that a stylist is always going to have your back and head, as it were.