Hangover: Regret and Recovery

Honestly, I can’t cure the regret about whoever you kissed last night.

You’re on your own on that one, girl.

But I can recommend some ways to make yourself feel more presentable. And I’m not even going to tell you not to drink so much, because we’ve all been there. If you feel this is becoming a regular thing, talk to your doctor about how much you’ve been drinking.


First, a lot of people wake from a hangover and sling coffee all day, but that only dehydrates you more, increasing discomfort. Dehydration is a big part of why hangovers suck. Alcohol dehydrates. Stick to water or Gatorade.

Take it easy on the stomach. Eat healthy, green foods. A common misconception is that a big, greasy breakfast soaks-up the alcohol. Think about it. Does that sound even a little feasible? It just adds to the bloat. Oddly enough, mineral rich food like pickles are good, as is canned fish. In Poland, pickle juice is recommended – Health and Recovery Institute.

One of the best hangover remedies is sleep. Your body is wrecked, as is your mind and mood. All of that needs to rest. So get some shut-eye and then you wake up, you’ll feel a whole lot better about who you kissed last night.