How Old Does Your Face Look?

age keyboard key button showing forever young conceptHow old does your face look? You see it every day which makes it tough to see aging happening.  The  philosophy used to be, “wait until you actually look old to make a change,” today the consensus is that anti-aging is all about prevention. The new trends in cosmetic dermatology and surgery are to take care of things now.

In the past, the main goal was to get rid of sagging skin, which was usually done with a face lift. Today, we are looking to keep the face full to prevent skin from sagging.

As we age, skin loosens and has fat lose which is what makes your face look old.  How do we avoid this from happening.  The best way to fight facial deflation and skin laxity is to restore volume in the common places women start to lose it in their 30s. This can be accomplished with fat transfer or filler. Being proactive with restoring volume will help slow down your aging process.

Today there are fillers being used more and more.  Some of these new ways to use your body’s own mechanisms to boost collagen are gaining massive popularity.   Sculptra Aesthetic and Radiesse stimulate the body to produce more of what you want—soft tissue volume to fill in where it was missing.

Radiesse, known as a “volumizing filler” is a phenomenal filling agent that offers immediate cosmetic results while stimulating the body to produce endogenous collagen. Unlike other dermal fillers, which are merely temporary, it is a true cutaneous treatment meant over time to decrease the body’s need for repeat implantation. To date, there is nothing else quite like it.

It has several other unique qualities. Due to its inherent properties, it replenishes the sun-damaged skin with an even stronger foundation than do other fillers, is often more effective at lifting areas of droopiness, and lasts significantly longer. Its longer duration of action is due in part to its ability to activate fibroblasts in the skin to produce new collagen.

Sculptra results are not immediate which is where it differs from other fillers.  After the product is placed, it begins to slowly stimulate the patient’s own body to produce collagen. Volume is replaced gradually and naturally over a three month period. There is never any dramatic change from one day to the next. Most people will never know what was done; only that you look fabulous!

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