How To Avoid Botox Side Effects

Side effects from Botox injections are minimal when working with the right dermatologists, such as the Beverly Hills skin specialists at The Kopelson Clinic. However, side effects can still occur since no two people react to the injectable toxin the same way. Check out the following suggestions for reducing side effects from the anti-aging procedure before scheduling a consultation with the Beverly Hills Botox experts:

 Discuss Your Medications

 If taking any type of medication, be sure to tell your dermatologist about it. Some medications have reacted negatively to Botox, resulting in various side effects. Be frank about every medication you’re taking to determine if you’re a Botox candidate.

 Go Conservative

 Asking for small amounts of Botox to start is recommended, as it allows you to see how you react to the toxin. If results are positive, you can continue with larger doses of the anti-aging treatment and use it as an effective option for looking fresh and radiant for many more years.

 Apply Ice Packs

 Injection site bruising is a common side effect of Botox injections, and is easily remedied with ice pack application. Apply ice packs to relieve any pain and swelling and help the bruising heal faster; if prone to bruising you might want to have facial areas iced prior to the injections. You may also wish to discuss use of other bruising remedies with your Beverly Hills skin specialists, such as arnica, an herb celebrated for its ability to treat bruises and muscle soreness.

 Work With A Botox Specialist

 Perhaps the most important tip for sidestepping the effects of Botox is to work with a qualified dermatologist. Having injections done at a day spa or similar facility often means injections are performed by those without the training and experience necessary to ensuring beautiful results and minimal side effects. Additionally, day spas frequently use watered-down versions of Botox to offer the injectible at a lower price. This may seem appealing, but it dramatically increases the chances of toxin migration and adverse reactions. The dermatologists at The Kopelson Clinic have performed Botox injections for years, and never dilute their product.

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