How to Banish Crow’s Feet

Woman getting a face lift with Botox - isolated over a white background

Crow’s feet, the lines that extend out from the corners of the eyes, can develop as early as your 20s. Protecting the area from the sun is key to preventing them the less you squint, the less likely they are to form. Treat them proactively with neurotoxins since it’s impossible to forgo making facial expressions altogether.

Defining characteristics: Light to heavy horizontal lines near the outer corners of the eyes that can run down the cheeks, crepey-looking skin around the eyes and/or may be accompanied by sunspots.

Why it’s happening: The corners of the eyes are not immune to aging, especially since every time we squint or muscle movement takes place, wrinkles and lines form. There’s no fat under the skin around the eyes. So, every contraction of the muscle makes a line or wrinkle. The more this happens, the deeper they become.

How to fix it: Neurotoxins (Botox or Dysport), fillers (Restylane or Juvederm) and fractional laser resurfacing treatments are the go-tos for smoothing out lines around the eyes. Botox prevents wrinkles from forming by temporarily halting muscle movement, which causes facial expression-induced lines and wrinkles; lasers resurface the outermost layer of skin to eliminate the look of wrinkles.

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