I Don’t Want to Look Like a Duck!

By: Dr. Kopelson

I have a question: Do you think women come in and say the following?

I don't want to look like a duck

    1. I want to look like a DUCK. Can you make me look like a DUCK?
    2. I want to look like a CHIPMUNK. Can you make me look like a CHIPMUNK?
    3. I want to look like SPOCK. Can you make me look like SPOCK?
    4. I want to look really SHINY. Can you make me look really SHINY?
    5. I want to look TIGHTLY PULLED. Can you make me look TIGHTLY PULLED?
    6. Can you make me look like THE JOKER?

Of course they don’t, but patients do say all the time: “I don’t want to do filler in my ‘smoker’s lines’ (the lines above the lip are not from smoking but they are inherited) because I don’t want to look like a duck.” Or they say, “Filler makes people look like a chipmunk, I don’t want filler.” Or they get the idea that lasers make one look too shiny, too pulled. Or that filler around the mouth makes one look like the Joker. Or that Botox causes a Spock eyebrow.


EVERYONE SHOULD BE AWARE that when you go to a nurse or a non-physician injector, by law, these injectors must be supervised by a doctor? DO YOU KNOW THAT OFTEN THESE INJECTORS ARE NOT SUPERVISED BY A DOCTOR AND FREQUENTLY THERE IS NOT EVEN A DOCTOR PRESENT IN THE OFFICE?

Here is the real truth behind looking like a duck: When you have a well-trained physician administering your filler, Botox, or laser treatments, none of your friends should suspect you had anything done. Thousands of patients are out there that have had these treatments. You only SEE the ones that look like a duck. YOU DO NOT SEE THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN TREATED APPROPRIATELY. AND YOU SHOULDN’T SEE THEM. THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT.

It boggles my mind that people think it is the fault of the Botox or the Juvederm or the Sculptra or the Restylane or the Voluma or the Laser-that it is the fault of the substance that people end up looking weird. Honestly, think about it.

I have injected and done laser on thousands of patients. I have assuredly seen side effects. I have certainly seen Botox changing the shape of the eyebrow or Radiesse making someone look like they have golf balls in their cheeks. If your injector tells you they have never seen a droopy eye after Botox, they are either lying, or they haven’t seen enough patients.


I like to see my patients back two weeks after any procedure to make sure all is well. Often, everything is fine. But sometimes it’s not perfect-so I fix it.

I MAKE MY PATIENTS LOOK PERFECT so you don’t pass them on the street, see them in a magazine, or on TV and think..duck, chipmunk, Spock, shiny, pulled, Joker.

When you say to yourself, “hmmmm, she looks fantastic. I wonder if she’s had work and if so, who did it?”

Well, wonder no more . . .

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