Illegal Plastic Surgery Dangers

Never undergo illegal plastic surgery to save money on a procedure you really want. What will happen is you will end up looking worse than you think you already do, and the cheap plastic surgery may not be able to be fixed.

Even worse than looking worse: you may die.

Last week, Morris “Tracy Lynn” Garner, a Mississippi man living as a woman, was charged with depraved-heart murder. Allegedly, he injected so much of a silicone-like substance into a woman’s buttocks that she died.

In NYC, there are many Botox parties given by people who don’t even know how to spell Botox, let alone inject it. Their “patients” wind-up bearing lifetime scars of their “work”, suffering lopsided, immobile faces that look surprised on a constant basis.

Plastic surgery or any procedure such as microdermabrasion or Botox should only be done by professionals. If you want to suffer things like lumps in the skin, bruising, sunken-in or chipmunk cheeks, lopsided breasts and buttocks plus death, by all means take the cheap way out.

Save your money for reputable doctors, and even then check their background throughly. Ask for references as well. Good doctors don’t mind providing them.