IPL Facial Recovery

The IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, facial is a photo rejuvenation process that improves skin tone and texture in a safe, effective way. A non-invasive option for younger-looking skin, IPL facials are used to treat a number of issues, including lines and wrinkles, scarring, red and brown spots, large pores, spider veins, and unwanted hair. Three to six treatments are generally required to achieve desired results.

If considering an IPL facial and wondering about what’s involved with recovery, know that downtime is very minimal. The Los Angeles dermatologists at The Kopelson Clinic are happy to answer any questions about this treatment, which they perform regularly with expert precision.

Let’s find out what you need to know about recovery:

Temporary Redness and Swelling

Temporary redness of treated skin following IPL facial treatments is normal. Swelling may also occur, as well as mild blistering and bruising. Any pain is discomfort is minimal, however, and goes away usually within a few days. Recovery takes one to three weeks depending on the patient and the condition of their skin.

Brown and Red Spot Recovery

If seeking treatment for a number of brown and red spots, know that the more discoloration you have, the longer recovery will take. Affected areas are usually itchy and swollen for a few days before the brown pigment “rises” to skin’s surface. It appears dry and crusty, then peels off in a way similar to a sunburn. And while flesh is itchy during this time period, it’s essential not to rub or scratch it.

Covering It Up, Additional Tips

Should you experience temporary redness following an IPL facial, your West Hollywood dermatologists recommend using foundation, concealer, and similar products to cover it. Use ice packs to treat any swelling, and stay out the sun to avoid further irritation. Avoid tanning booths for the same reason.

Hailed as a very effective method for treating sun damage, talk to the talented staff at The Kopelson Clinic today about starting an IPL facial treatment. Results are outstanding, with treatment quick and virtually painless.

For more on IPL facials and other treatments available through your favorite Los Angeles dermatologists, please contact The Kopelson Clinic today.