Lifestyle Choices That Lead to the Dark Underside

The dark underside…otherwise known as the dark circles under your eyes.

Dark circles result from one of the following factors or some combination of them all: genetics, health, and lifestyle choices.

If you are looking to improve your dark circles, then first you might need to improve the lifestyle choices you make.

Look at these common lifestyle choice that cause dark circles:

  • alcohol, especially in excess
  • caffeine, especially in excess
  • dehydration
  • dietary issues, such as a deficiency in vitamins consumed
  • hyperpigmentation from tanning/sun damage
  • lack of sleep
  • smoking

You need to speak to your doctor about any of these lifestyle choices you make and how to quit as well as reverse the effects of your choices. Besides causing dark circles, all of these habits stress the body in dangerous ways. Furthermore, you might want to ask your doctor if the dark circles could be a sign of some other underlying illness.

Once you get these lifestyle choices under control, you may notice a vast improvement in the dark circles under your eyes.