New Laser Technique Helps Reveal Age of Skin

From New Beauty:

“According to a recent study out of Taiwan, scientists have found that a new laser technique may help to determine the skin’s age. Using harmonic generation microscopy, researchers were able look beneath the skin’s surface and found that natural aging (which doesn’t take into account environmental stressors like excess sun exposure and smoking) resulted in an increase in basal keratinocytes, the most common cells on the outermost layer of skin. Other granular cells did not show the same pattern. Basically what it boils down to is that the difference in cellular changes can be used to help gauge natural (intrinsic) skin aging and the discovery of a standardized skin age index is definitely a breakthrough.”

This discovery offers a lot of hope for anti aging-efforts in the future. For example, this new laser technique could help determine if the skin is aging faster than is should be or if there are serious health problems that need be to be addressed. It could also help develop the effectiveness of various cosmetic procedures and anti-aging/beauty products in addition to helping determine the best skin care routine on an individual basis.

Future skin possibilities look brighter and smoother!