Non-Surgical Nose Job: The Many Benefits

Considering a non-surgical nose job, but still leaning towards rhinoplasty? Before making a final decision, check out the many benefits a non-surgical nose job provides. The procedure is available through your favorite Beverly Hills skin clinic:

The Same Options

A non-surgical nose job offers the same options as the typical nose job, including smoothing bumps, filling indentations, changing the shape of the nose, and otherwise correcting nasal defects.

Little to No Swelling and Bruising

The procedure is fast and features very little pain. Swelling and bruising are minor compared to rhinoplasty, as fine needles are used to inject assorted fillers. No knives or other surgical instruments are used during the procedure.

No Long Recovery Period

Unlike a typical nose job or other plastic surgery procedure, there’s no long, painful recovery process associated with non-surgical nose jobs. “Down time” is two to three days at most, and you may resume normal activities the following day. Compare that to the month or more of recovery time connected to traditional cosmetic surgery procedures!


Another benefit of the non-surgical nose job? It’s much less expensive than its surgical counterpart. A traditional nose job can cost upwards of $10,000, while non-surgical options are usually $500 to $1,000.

The One Drawback

The one drawback of a non-surgical nosejob compared to traditional rhinoplasty is that the results aren’t permanent. They last six months to two years depending on the fillers used and the number of changes made. However, it provides the opportunity to “experiment” with nose reconfiguration before committing to the “real thing,” and again means no surgical knives and extensive recovery period.

If you think a non-surgical nose job may be right for you, contact The Kopelson Clinic today. Doctors at the premier Beverly Hills skin clinic will be happy to help you decide which filler combination is best for your needs, and will answer any questions you have.

Schedule your consultation with The Kopelson Clinic and give yourself the gift of a non-surgical nose job. The doctors at this facility are some of the best in California, and guarantee you’ll love the results!