Patient Raves About Finding A Treatment For A Skin Rash

leavesExcessive facial redness most often affecting the nose, forehead and cheeks can be an embarrassing condition. Flushing may come and go for no evident reason. Sometimes excessive facial redness may be present at all times. Although it is known that redness is present due to dilated or broken capillaries, the cause is unknown. Contributing factors are heredity, sun, and several medical conditions. It is estimated that at least 13 million Americans have problems with excessive redness of the face or neck.

Rosacea is a medical condition that affects middle-aged people of both sexes. The cause of the condition is unknown but may be exacerbated by life-style and diet. Rosacea appears as facial redness, enlargement of the blood vessels, pimples, nodules, and cysts. In men, it can also cause the nose to become bumpy and enlarged. The best treatment for acne, Rosacea will depend on the severity of the patient.

Read what Ashley had to say about her experience with our service……….

This Place is AWESOME, I was referred to Dr. K years ago when I had a skin rash that wouldn’t clear up, I had been to 4 or 5 other Doctors and none of them could identify the problem, Dr. K. diagnosed it immediately and within days my infection had begun to clear up. I have since been going for botox filler, and anti aging treatments and have never had any issues like some of my friends have had with their Dermatologists.  They always seem to have this constant look of fright in their face, like a deer caught in headlights, or a droopy eye from bad botox injections. But with Dr. K it always looks totally natural. I am almost 45 and most people think I am in my mid thirties, I know that’s all thanks to Dr. K.

The staff at Kopelson Clinic are so nice and warm too.  I see Liz sometimes for my nasty blackhead issues and she always takes the time to see me and get them removed, without bruising or making me look like Rudolf the red nosed rain deer.  When I try doing it myself I always seem to not only fail at getting them out but my nose gets all red and swollen.

I noticed someone posted about free consultation and I have found that businesses and or Doctors offer free consultations when they are either new or struggling to get their business to thrive.  I would assume most well established Beverly Hills Dermatologists DO NOT offer free consultations, particularly in Beverly Hills.

The Kopelson clinic can provide effective Rosacea treatments which include medications, cosmetic laser surgery and a personalized skin care regimen.

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