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Since facial rejuvenators require less downtime than surgery, peels are perfect for actors and execs who never take days off, and now there are more specific uses for targeted areas of the face. True, plenty of patients still suffer the burn-victim look and do deep laser peels that can take off layers of skin, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation — but demand up to two weeks of downtime. For the more harried, there also are spot laser peels that Koplin uses for lower lips and chins, with lasers that he can adjust to lighter levels for more delicate areas ($3,500 per area). Meanwhile, dermatologist Peter Kopelson is a big fan of the popular VI peel, a chemical peel with salicylic acid, retinoid and vitamin C that lightens pigmentation, increases collagen and reduces acne scars, pores and blemishes ($385). It also is effective on the neck and chest, and it has less pain and downtime than laser peels — you can go back to work the same day.

Beverly Hills facialist Ronit Falevitch, whose clientele includes Helen Mirren, prefers the Green Peel, a 50-year-old German treatment that involves massaging herbs into the skin, which turns it red and peels it for five days after ($350 to $550). Layers of skin will shed and you may look sunburned, but the results are like newborn skin, so avoid the sun like the plague and wear SPF 50.

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