Reverse The Signs Of Aging With The Titan Cosmetic Laser Treatment

Anti-Aging - Stift KonzeptHow do you reverse the signs of aging? There are so many different types of treatments available, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that is right for you.  Finding an experienced cosmetic dermatologist is crucial. A Beverly Hills dermatologist will give you personalized clinical suggestions to address your specific medical and cosmetic concerns.

One type of laser treatment that is often used is the Titan™ for skin tightening.  The Titan™ is a safe, non-surgical procedure that uses an infrared light source to tighten skin and reverse the signs of aging. It distributes heat below the skin, causing collagen contraction, while preserving the outer layer of skin through continuous cooling. Stimulating long-term collagen rebuilding, will leave you with younger-looking skin. This procedure tones, lifts and tightens skin for several areas of the skin. It can be used on the face and neck and can be used to treat lax, loose or wrinkled skin throughout the body, including the abdomen, thighs and arms.

The Titan™ procedure takes minutes to perform and involves absolutely no cutting or recovery time. During the procedure, the patient feels very little or no pain. During the procedure, the patient feels a brief heating sensation followed by the immediate effect of the skin-cooling .

This is a safe and effective cosmetic treatment that provides deep skin rejuvenation.  Some people will see results immediately. Most people will begin to see tightening in the treated area about three weeks following treatment, and improvement can continue, even up to six months after a treatment, as new collagen forms and the skin tightens. The result is long-lasting, tighter skin.

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