Rock the (Kettle)bells

As LL Cool J said, “Rock the bells.”

As we’d like to add, “Rock the (kettle)bells.”

The exact origins of kettlebells remain unknown, though many historians believe they originated in Russia as counterweights bearing the imperial seal about 350 years ago, used to measure dry goods. People begin to throw them in entertaining displays of strength. Russian athletes, military, and spies began to workout with them. Kettlebell lifting became the Soviet Union’s national sport in 1948.

Kettlebells vastly increase strength while also increasing cardio capability. The movements look deceptively simple, but don’t be fooled. Kettlebells bring the pain.

Look online to see if you have a trained kettlebell instructor in your area. Check out this link: IKSFA: Kettlebells without borders. Learn from World Champions”.

Rock this workout!