Scalp Exfoliation: A Black to White Matter

Scalps need facials, too!

Healthy scalps provide the foundation for healthy hair for all women, whether they sport afros, braids, long red locks, or short platinum sass. While regular shampooing provides some exfoliation, it’s not enough. The New Beauty blog says:

One in-salon treatment can renew your scalp, but it is recommended to complete a series of three sessions, four to six weeks apart for the best results.

Therefore, you need to check with your stylist about this procedure.

However, the above advice may be best for most white women to follow. African American or other women of African origin women have their own additional concerns with hair and scalp exfoliation. Below, a helpful video on scalp exfoliation for black women from the LionnessMane blog. It is also recommended you check with your stylist about any exfoliation concerns.