Sculptra and the Non-Surgical Facelift

Very few doctors in the Los Angeles Area Inject Sculptra.


Dr. Kopelson is a Sculptra expert.

As with anything, the more you do, the more you improve. Dr. Kopelson has been working with the company since Sculptra was approved by the FDA. He has helped perfect the technique by using it on hundreds of patients. Very few doctors use Sculptra. This is only because they do not know how to use it correctly or because they have very little experience injecting it.

Sculptra is not a filler. If you would like a non-surgical facelift, Sculptra is the product for you. Sculptra is a lifting agent. It cannot be compared with the typical dermal fillers that have become common names in the beauty market like Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma, and Belotero. Again, because Sculptra is not a filler. It is a “volume enhancer,” and a member in its own class.

Sculptra lasts longer than any other products that are used for non-surgical facelifts.

Dr. Kopelson’s expertise with Sculptra is due to the hundreds of happy patients on whom he has used it. If it is injected correctly, Sculptra may last for up to two years and perhaps longer.

Where and how is Sculptra Injected?
How does it differ from Restylane, Juvederm, and Voluma?

Sculptra is injected into the areas where collagen is lost as we age. Therefore it makes sense that it would produce a lifting similar to a facelift. It is injected into the areas that plastic surgeons work on when doing conventional facelifts. Examples are in front of the ears, along the jawline, into the hollows of the cheeks and temples. By stimulating collagen production in these areas, Sculptra lifts the face making other dermal fillers less important. Often, after the three injections necessary for Sculptra to work best, other dermal fillers become unnecessary in the typical areas of the naso-labial folds and the marionette lines.

Sculptra is nearly painless!

Due to its composition, Sculptra is like injecting water into the face. It is a thin material in comparison to the dermal fillers so it doesn’t carry the same resistance. As well, it contains lidocaine so as soon as the treatment has begun, the face becomes slightly numb and the process is nearly painless.

It is exciting for you to become part of the process.

After injecting dermal fillers, we usually tell you not to manipulate the areas. This is not so with Sculptra. Just following the procedure, we ask that you help to manipulate it into the areas of injection. You get to look in the mirror and massage the product into the areas where you would like the lift to occur. And you get to do this 5 times a day for 5 minutes for 5 days! It is actually quite fun and exciting.

Almost anyone is a candidate for Sculptra.
Would you like to brighten up your appearance?

Anyone that begins to notice signs of aging on their face could be an excellent Sculptra patient. Certainly, patients that do not want conventional facelifts or do not yet need surgery, are perfect Sculptra candidates. Even following facelifts, Sculptra is an excellent addition when hollows are created in the cheek area. So, if you think you are looking older, if you are starting to see deepening in your naso-labial folds, if you are starting to see jowls, if you are starting to see the corners of your mouth are drooping, a non-surgical facelift with Sculptra may be exactly what you are looking for. Even if you think it is too early to begin using injectables, small amounts of Sculptra may be used just for that slight lifting you think you may need to brighten up your appearance.

What’s the best part of Sculptra treatment?

Often you are the one who notices the first signs of aging on your face. And anyone you ask may say you are imagining it. The bad news is you are probably not. The good news is that no one else sees it. This gives us an incredible advantage. Because Sculptra may be started early, because it may be used in small quantities, because the changes that occur will happen over time, no one will notice you had anything done at all. You will begin to get compliments like “do you have a new hairstyle?” or “are you using a new cream?” or “you look awfully happy, are you in love?” or “you look younger and younger.”

And…only you and Dr. Kopelson will know your secret!

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