Should You Choose Laser Hair Removal?

Thinking abouFemale legs against a pastel background with blurred lightst using laser hair removal?  There are major advantages to laser hair removal. The laser uses a wide beam which allows the removal of many hair follicles all at once. Laser can achieve dramatic results in just a few minutes.   These treatments are in general permanent, with an average reduction in hair growth of 70% – 95% and Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dermatologists perform the treatments.

  • Rebuild confidence by removing unwanted hair – Remove the concerns of showing some skin and rebuild your confidence.
  •  Permanently removing unwanted hair will help you look great – Your skin will not only look and feel smooth, but the light therapy will rejuvenate your skin.
  •  Laser hair removal saves you money – Over time, laser hair removal costs a fraction of the price of other hair removal methods. Waxing and shaving add up.
  •  Laser hair removal saves you time – Not only is each individual treatment faster than other methods, the results are permanent hair removal.
  •  Ingrown hairs are no longer a concern with laser hair removal – Ingrown hairs are the cause of discomfort, infections and self-consciousness resulting from unsightly outbreaks.

At the Kopelson Clinic, each laser hair removal patient is evaluated by a practitioner with extensive experience. Of utmost importance, is your skin type, heritage, and any untoward effects you have had from previous treatments. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for hair removal, the Kopelson Clinic can perform the treatments safely and effectively.

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