Smooth Out Stretch Marks From Within

ManAgainst damaged skin and skin stretch marksy women struggle with stretch marks, either from pregnancy, rapid growth, and weight gain or loss.  All of which cause the skin to stretch almost to the breaking point of the elastic layer of skin (dermis) is affected and stretch marks form. They often start out as red or purple streaks and they slowly become white or silvery. Unfortunately the skin does not bounce back from this condition, they can be reduced with the help of a Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist that is specialized in laser treatments.

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The Kopelson Clinic uses the ND:Yag laser which stimulates collagen deep within the skin to work out skin indentations to reduce the scars.

Our comprehensive Beverly Hills cosmetic laser center provides full service, state-of-the-art skin regeneration in a medical setting. Offering a myriad of advanced dermatological treatments and procedures, Dr. Kopelson and his staff provide personalized clinical suggestions to address each patient’s specific medical and cosmetic concerns.

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