Start Fresh Lunch Details

Lunch can be difficult. You are at work eating whatever you can find while sitting at your desk or eating on a thirty minute lunch run.

Or you are eating while driving around kids or juggling other aspects of your busy life.

All these scenarios involve reaching for something quick: fast food, snack food, cellophane food. So “quick” usually means “unhealthy”.

The Start Fresh Lunch Contest wants to know:

“What are you eating for lunch during Start Fresh? We’re giving away a box of Skin & Total Body Supplements for the best Perricone-inspired healthy lunch.

Entering is easy. Email us the recipe and a picture of your Perricone-inspired breakfast to [email protected] from Monday 1/28/2013 to 2/1/13. We’ll post the official entrants on the DailyPerricone, on the Start Fresh Pinterest Album as well as the Facebook Album ‘Start Fresh Recipes’ where you can ‘like’ your favorite photos to help choose the winner. Recipes will be evaluated on nutritional content, presentation and creativity. Stay tuned! We’ll announce the winner on the DailyPerricone, Friday 2/1/13.”

Keep in mind that Perricone recommends a lot of veggies plus 20 grams of protein for lunch, with a small amount of healthy monounsaturated fat, too.