Stop Acne Scars Before They Start

Acne Scars And Chemical PeelingThe term acne covers several conditions including clogged pores [whiteheads and blackheads], pimples and deeper cysts. Acne can occur almost anywhere on the body and it can afflict people of any age. Often resulting in acne scar redness, which is damage the blemish leaves behind within the deeper layers of  the skin, causing a breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Along with acne comes scarring. What is the best way to stop potential scarring of your skin is to stop acne dead in it’s tracks. Read this article: Stop Acne Scars Before They Start.

However, if you do have acne scarring, you can consult a Beverly Hills Dermatologist about treatment to get rid of them. Cosmetic dermatology acne treatment must be custom tailored to each patient’s needs and lifestyle. A combination of home skin care regimens with office procedures is recommended. Patients have a number of excellent acne skin treatment options at the Kopelson Clinic including acne laser treatment, IPLphotofacial treatment and photodynamic therapy. In some cases, an acne chemical peel or acne surgery can be recommended.

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