Style Habits That Make You Look Older

Style Habits That Make You Look Older


It’s not just our skin and hair that can make us look older than we are–our fashion choices also play a large role! If you enjoy a diligent skin and hair care routine but are wondering why you still look older than you would like, check out the following style mishaps courtesy of the best dermatologists in Beverly Hills and see if you’re guilty:


Elastic Waist Pants

Yes, they’re some of the most comfortable clothes in existence, but pants with elastic waists are best left to home wear…unless you’re combining leggings with a sweater and boots, that is.


Reading Glasses

There’s nothing wrong with needing glasses for reading, but those drugstore options aren’t going to make you look younger. Rather than feeling old in your “spectacles,” think of glasses as a chic accessory, and find a pair you won’t feel embarrassed to wear. Oh, and if you use eyeglass ropes, now might be a good time to give them away!



Sneakers are necessary for exercise walks and other forms of physical activity, but limit wear to the gym or any other time you’re working out. Using sneakers as your go-to shoes looks sloppy and just plain old. Look for loafers or other fashionable footwear with plenty of cushioning instead.



Think turtlenecks are your best bet for disguising “turkey neck”? While they may hide the neck, they also play up the jowls. Opt for cowl necklines and loosely-draped scarves instead. The scarf option is particularly fashionable, as scarves make us look taller, thinner, and more attractive.


Wear-Rimmed Sunglasses

What glasses you wear outdoors also matters, so opt for chic oversized sunglasses that hide crow’s feet instead of wire-framed options. Big sunglasses also protect you from squinting in the sun and therefore adding to existing crow’s feet.


“Mom Jeans”

Those high-waisted jeans so often referred to as “mom jeans” do not flatter anyone, and just make you look overweight. While you don’t have to see “how low you can go” with your jean selections, you can absolutely find slimming, comfortable, flattering options in your size.


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