Summertime Skin: Timing Is Everything – Get your skin bathing suit ready

Summer isn’t the time to start treating your spider veins or unwanted hair if you want to be bathing suit ready. The time is now.

Besides the fact that it’s not as safe to treat spider veins or unwanted hair on tanned skin, the treatments often take several visits to be completed. That’s why patients at The Kopelson Clinic are encouraged to schedule appointments in the spring to be ready in time for summer.

“Timing is everything. While there are lasers, such as the Nd:YAG, that can remove hair on tanned skin, it’s always safer to begin work before tanning,” said Peter L. Kopelson, M.D.

Another consideration for timing is that each hair is in a different phase of its development at any given time. It’s important to catch the hair in its growth phase for removal and reduction to be effective. One treatment addresses only the percentage of hair in the growth phase at that time; each successive treatment targets another. So, if the laser hair removal process is begun now, by summer patients will be smooth and ready to be poolside.

The Kopelson Clinic offers two effective and safe laser options for hair removal. Treatment can be completed in half the time of previous lasers with less pain, lasting results and no scarring. Both men and women, with any skin type, can have hair removed from any part of the body.

Spider veins on the legs and ankles should also be treated now so that your legs will look youthful, clean and clear in bathing suits, short skirts, and sandals. With the perfection of lasers for spider vein treatment, blue, purple and red vessels disappear, often without the arduous process of injections (sclerotherapy) necessary in the past. So, even though fewer treatments are required, now is the time to start for those of you who plan their beauty maintenance carefully.

For more information about being bathing suit ready, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kopelson by calling us at (310) 271-7400.

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